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Producer / Director / Founder
Fire Films

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Corinne’s an exceptional storyteller with the ability to carefully craft thought-provoking films that affect people’s hearts. She's an award-winning producer, director and founder at Fire Films, a Melbourne-based production company that specialises in health and life science films and educational videos. To date, she has produced over 30 video resources about dementia and dementia care.

In 2003, at the age of 19, Corinne started her first video production business, shaping it over the last 18 years into Fire Films. Along the way she honed her storytelling and production skills in the Australian television drama industry, working in the camera department on top rating shows such as Rush, City Homicide, Stingers, Offspring, Winners and Losers, Underbelly, The Pacific, and more.

Today, Corinne is a sought-after speaker who has presented at conferences, workshops, film screenings, universities and other professional forums. In 2017 she delivered a workshop on the effective use of video for dementia awareness and education at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Kyoto, Japan.

Corinne holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Digital Television Production) from the University of New England, Australia, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Science (Human Pathology) at Monash University, Australia.


Fire Films produces health and life science films, documentaries and educational videos that focus on reducing inequalities in health and wellbeing, prevention and early intervention, social change, and fostering creativity and innovation in science and technology. Many of our productions have been widely acclaimed both in Australia and internationally, and have contributed to driving change and major cultural shifts in both large organisations and the wider community.


Our filmmaking style is very observational and true to life. We’re documentarians, sharing stories of real people in an honest way, capturing genuine moments as they happen. Our extensive experience in working with and understanding the needs of vulnerable people allows us to offer a uniquely ethical and sensitive approach. 

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