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Photographer / Sociologist / Author / Speaker
Professor Emerita of Sociology, Rutgers University

Based in Palm Springs, California, USA

After 38 years as a Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University, Cathy Greenblat took an early retirement in 2002.  Since then she has been a Professor Emerita of Sociology at Rutgers University, and has had honorary appointments at Glasgow Caledonian University, the University of Lancaster, and the Centre Mémoire et Recherche, Université de Nice.  Cathy lives most of the year in Palm Springs, California and regularly spends summer months in Europe.

Dr. Greenblat has become a globally known and internationally exhibited documentary photographer whose lens has been focused on high quality care for persons living with dementia, and on high quality end of life care.  Her work has become THE collection of photographs that challenge the widely held notion that people with dementia are “empty shells”, “no longer here”.  She shows that around the world, the most effective care puts the emphasis on love and laughter, while acknowledging the losses as real and painful.  Such care stresses stimulation, good communication, putting feelings first, and offering life enhancing experiences, including the arts. 

The ALIVE WITH ALZHEIMER’S exhibit of 36 black and white photographs parallels the book of the same title. A 36 photo exhibit, ARTS, HEARTS, AND MINDS, focuses on the use of art and music in dementia care. The 40 photo exhibit ALIVE AT THE END OF LIFE deals with palliative and end of life care.  The book LOVE, LOSS AND LAUGHTER is available from and other vendors.

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